Steer Your Own Success With A Captains Wheel

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The battering waves try to toss a ship like a toy as a single sailor holds fast to the wheel, guiding the ship to safety. The figure’s eyesight is clouded by the constant rain and sea mist, but his hand holds true on the wheel. Fighting off the advances of the brutal storm, the captain is the one guiding the ship to safety with relentless determination. Because a captain and the wheel are alike in the way they steer and guide a ship, these two share a close bond. The wheel of a ship is often referred to as the ‘center’ or ‘heart’ of a ship by the captains who own them. These wheels are not only restricted to the captain, however. When the captain sleeps, a sailor must take his place and deftly guide the ship with as much attention as his captain.

The captains wheel tends to be associated with the most charming facets of sea life itself. The captains wheel is one of the most celebrated and most visible items in nautical travel’s entire history. Because of this, a captains wheel is never subject to popularity spikes or pitfalls. Many types of people tend to buy this item - from hard core enthusiasts of tropical decor to the occasional casual passerby of a shop. Many wheels are enjoyed by dozens of types of people because of their universal charisma. Even if a room is not themed after the ocean, one can sometimes find these items decorating the space.

Eight handles of a captains wheel stands for eight stars in the sky. To dive even more into the complexity of these items, eight handles of the wheel were often associated with the eight directions on a compass’ face. The charter’s eight was the nickname for these eight handles. Simple names are preferred in the modern world, and these handles are no longer called ‘charter’s eight’. Hefty woods with lots of shine were commonly chosen for the captains wheel and its making. Occasionally, these items would be wood that was metal-plated in brass or silver. Most captains could work with any type of material, however. Today, the wheel is primarily made from stainless steel or Plexiglas.

Whether you prefer the vintage models or the shiny new ones, a captains wheel is perhaps the most fun decorative item on the market. The price range of these wheels is determined mostly by size and type of material it is made out of. For apartment dwellers, a smaller wheel may be required. Extremely large items may require an extra hand to set up. Buying these items is a sound investment in the decoration field, as they never seem to go out of style. Light treats these decorative items very well, especially if they are made from wood. Plastic or other materials can be placed where one desires, but wood items should always be near a light source.

The appearance of a captains wheel is always one of great pride and definition. These wheels are prone to last for a long time.


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Steer Your Own Success With A Captains Wheel

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This article was published on 2011/04/14