Off Road Wheels - The Key to Adventure!

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No doubt driving on a rough, muddy and bumpy road is the toughest challenge for a driver. But for off-roaders, it's more like fun; and why not if they have an off road vehicle? Off-road vehicles are those which can be driven on and off gravel as well as paved surfaces. If you are looking for some really adventurous moments on wheels, you must get an off-road car equipped with the best off road wheels.

Off-road wheels and high performance tires are literally tough, sturdy and can take you through any kind of surface. You can drive safely over fields, sand dunes, mountain sides, boulders, beaches and peat bogs without a worry.  

Off-road wheels are mainly of two types:

  1. Alloy wheels- Aluminium being the basic metal, makes the wheel light in weight. A light weight wheel prevents the extra strain on the vehicle parts and bearings. Besides light weight vehicles tends to gain a better mileage. But alloy wheels are not as strong as the steel ones.
  2. Steel wheels- These are sturdy wheels and protect the vehicle during collisions. The basic material used for manufacturing these wheels is iron mixed with carbon. Steel off road wheels are less prone to wear and tear and hence quite long lasting.

No matter what kind of terrain or surface you are fond of, ‘off-roading' would be a fantastic way of exploring newer terrains provided your car is supported by good quality and strong off road wheels. Remembermost natural terrain can be pretty erratic and you surely don't want to get stuck with a damaged wheel in the middle of nowhere. Choose custom wheels for your car according to the type of surface you are likely to drive on.

Note down the following specifications for a better idea-

  • Go for wheels with 10 inches width if your vehicle weighs about 2,205- 3,086kg
  • 12 inches width would be perfect for a vehicle weighing about 3,086- 3,968kg
  • 14 inches width of off road wheels would be perfect for a vehicle weighing about 3,968- 4850kg
  • 16 inches width is apt for a vehicle weighing about 4,850- 6,614kg
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Off Road Wheels - The Key to Adventure!

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This article was published on 2010/12/16