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Motorized wheel chairs are an excellent choice for many people who experience physical limitations. These chairs are designed for people who have weak upper body strength or who have experienced an injury or illness that requires assistance when it comes to mobility. Motorized wheel chairs come in many colors, models, and types and also offer many customized features to make the wheel chair uniquely your own.

Depending on how you plan to use your motorized chair, you can find ones that will enable you to have more freedom inside your home and outside your home. Most motorized chairs are not designed to fold or disassemble, so you'll need to look at options for transporting it when you leave home. However, there are a few that are built with a traditional cross-brace frame, which means it can be collapsed for travel or for storage. For those who like to or need to leave home on a regular basis, a chair that can fold may be the best choice. For others, a mini-van outfitted with the proper equipment can easily transport your motorized wheel chair (with you in it) with no problem.

Why would you choose a motorized wheel chair?

1) Tight spots are always a frustration when it comes to maneuvering a wheel chair. Motorized wheel chairs are known for having greater flexibility when it comes to moving freely around your home or in tight spots in the mall, church, or store.

2) A joystick provides one-hand maneuvering on a motorized chair, making it easy for most people to learn and master rather quickly. The joystick is programmable too!

3) This type of wheel chair can accommodate people of varying weights from 150 pounds up to 800 pounds (on a few models) and anywhere in between.

4) Motorized wheel chairs can be customized to fit your physical needs.

5) You'll have more freedom out of doors - going up hills, stairs, to the beach, over uneven terrain, or to the grocery store and back will all be available options to you with your power chair. Motorized chairs have several power base and tire options so you can choose which one will make your life easier and enable you to continue going where you want or need to go each day.

6) Seats on power chairs have more choices when it comes to comfort. The seats can recline, tilt, or elevate. Some even come with a power stand feature. When you're in a wheel chair permanently or for the majority of your day, comfort is of the utmost importance. Seats are sold separately from the chair so you can customize it to fit you just right.

7) Power or motorized chairs offer rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, or center wheel drive.

8) Footrest and armrest styles vary in style and purpose, so you can personalize your chair to meet your physical limitations or requirements.

9) A battery powers motorized chairs. The size and type of battery make a difference when it comes to speed, power, and the amount of time you have between battery changes. Power chairs use a sealed wet battery, a gel cell battery, or an acid battery.

As with any choice you make on a consumer product, it's vital that you conduct your own research on motorized wheel chairs to make certain you're purchasing the chair that will give you the most mobility and comfort possible.

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Motorized Wheel Chairs

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This article was published on 2010/04/03