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Horoscope wheel and birth chart wheel tell a lot of things about our personality, love life, career and predictions of the possible events that may occur in our lives in the coming days. It may be doubtful for some people to believe in horoscopes or astrology, still there are number of people who show great interests in what their birth charts and horoscope wheel have to say about them.

The birth chart wheel is considered the astrological key for our self-discovery. Through this astrology tool, we identify some important points in our destiny and our karma is being known as they come closely related to us by the date and place of our birth. But before we can be given the prediction or interpretation of our personality, there are a lot of elements in our birth chart that need to be considered mainly. These are the factors that greatly affect our individual characteristics and tendencies.

According to astrologers, our birth chart wheel is designed based on the day and location where we were born. The current planet revolves and planet positions help identify the personal traits that we possess. These are the information needed to have our own birth chart. So it only implies that each of us has unique birth chart readings. These characters are the ones we need to guide us in making various decisions in our lives. The direction of our thoughts is greatly influence by our personalities so our strengths and weaknesses are determined as well. With this valuable information, we are able to select the right path when it comes to career and other concerns that deal with our lives.

On the other side of astrology is the horoscope wheel. It includes your specifically calculated planetary data for time, date and city of birth. It is beautifully presented colour format. This is a tool widely used by astrologers to count hours, days, months and years. The wheel is rotated as a result of the inability of the illiterate masses to comprehend the complex system of recording the zodiac signs that was used before the adoption of zodiac signs. It was used much more scientific but only few could understand and learn the zodiac.

During the early year, horoscope wheels are displayed with animals in simplified and abstracted manner. Today, the illustrations are already customized with highly animated cartoons of zodiac signs. It is the result of the changing culture of China where horoscope wheel was first applied.

The evolution of the horoscope wheel made things even easier for the masses because they have a complete illustration of the calendar and could easily make whatever they were looking for. The legendary origins of the zodiac animals in the horoscope wheel are attributed to a race that was conducted by the Buddha amongst the twelve animals. As the years passed by, they came to represent the zodiac years in order to finish the race. The popularity of the horoscope wheel has increased because of its highly effective in predictions of our future and identifying individual characteristics.
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Horoscope Wheel And Birth Chart Wheel

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This article was published on 2011/01/04