Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel Review

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The Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel is a fitness piece of equipment for the stomach muscle. This is an ab wheel by Everlast, a known and well respected brand in the fitness equipment market. Is this exercise wheel worth buying? Can it help you to get better abs?

Everlast Exercise Wheel Review

The Standard Duo Exercise Wheel is a double ab wheel with molded handle-grips. The double wheel provides greater stability for the user and also greater durability over time. The molded handle-grips are shaped in such a way that it's easy and comfortable to hold them while performing ab wheel exercises.

This product has excellent reviews and is a very popular piece of equipment. You don't see too many ab related exercisers which are of high quality and of an affordable price.

As of now, the price of the Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel is about $15, which is very affordable. It also has a 1 year warranty which says something as to the quality of this product. They wouldn't have offered such a long warranty if the manufacturer didn't believe this product will last for a while.

As to the exercise wheel itself, it works just like any other ab wheel. The starting position is on your knees with them close together. You hold the abs wheel with one hand on each handle and slowly roll it away from you until your arms are well beyond your head. You just have to make sure your torso doesn't touch the floor. Then, you slowly bring the wheel back toward you by contracting your stomach muscles.

This is a powerful abdominal workout regardless of your current fitness level. You will find this exercise challenging. It's easy to work the central muscles as well as the obliques. In a short time, in the privacy of your own home, you can get a great abs workout which will help you tone and strenghten the abdominal muscles.

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Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/27