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The type of wheels that you put on your car can have a big influence on the overall appearance of the car. If you like shiny and sleek looking tires, you should opt for chrome wheels. Chrome alloy wheels have a base of aluminum or steel and an upper coat of chromium. The chromium plating not only gives the wheel a glossy sheen but also makes it stronger. The mirrored glaze that chromium-electroplating gives to automobile wheels, makes chrome alloy wheels a hit with car enthusiasts.


You can find chrome wheels in many different sizes and shapes. You can even get custom chrome wheels designed for yourself, to suit your style. You can specify the pattern and design of spokes of the wheels. Chrome wheels can be classified into 3 different types: polished, matte and black, based on their looks. The only difference is the level of shine.


Lets have a look at the benefits of chrome plating:


  1. Chrome wheels are very strong against resisting external factors such as humidity and temperature. Thus, they don't corrode and rust easily.


  1. Since chromium is more durable and harder than aluminum or steel, it makes the wheels more durable by giving them a longer life.


Even though chrome wheels are durable, you must take care of them to maintain them in a good condition. Remove the dirt using a soft cloth and then use a proper chrome polish for extra shine. Using the correct material for the care of your chrome wheels is important to avoid their flaking and peeling. You must avoid getting your car machine washed as the brushes in the machine are very rough and can decrease the sheen of your chrome wheels.


People, sometimes, mistake chrome wheels for rims. The difference is that the entire wheel, and not just the rim, is made of an alloy of chromium and steel or aluminum.


You can find several chrome alloy wheel vendors online, who offer cheap chrome wheels. So go ahead and give your car a swanky new look with chrome alloy wheels.

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Chrome Alloy Wheels

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This article was published on 2010/03/26