Cadillac gives away 2011 Hybrid Escalade at golf tournament

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A new set of Cadillac wheels - and a hybrid set of Cadillac wheels, at that - will be offered as a prize to the caddy of the winning golfer at the 2011 HP Byron Nelson Championship.

The promotion is nothing new, but it hasn't been a part of the HP Byron Nelson Championship since 2008, when Tony Navarro, caddie for Adam Scott, won a Cadillac XLR-V. The caddie won the vehicle when Scott sunk a 48-foot birdie putt.

Termed "Caddy for a Caddie," the award honors a caddie to pay tribute to Byron Nelson, the namesake of the tournament, who started as a caddie before becoming a professional golfer.

The 2011 HP Byron Nelson Championship occurs on Memorial Day weekend, which is May 23rd to the 29th. Its location is the Four Seasons Resort Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. It is a charity event and a significant stop of the PGA tour.

The new 2011 Hybrid Escalade is obviously intended to provide an alternative to the fuel-chugging Escalades of the past. In its new hybrid format, the 2011 Escalade offers 20 miles to the gallon in the city, which is practically unheard of in a set Escalade Cadillac wheels. Despite its new improved fuel efficiency, the Escalade is remarkably luxurious with 332 horsepower at 5200 RPM and 367 lb ft of torque. A 6.0L V8 serves as the power plant for the new Escalade.

That doesn't mean that this new set of Cadillac wheels is a perfect vehicle by any means - it doesn't have as much power as a standard Cadillac Escalade. Although it's similar down to its Cadillac wheels, it's a slower, heavier vehicle. It can also be more expensive, although that certainly won't matter to the winner of the tournament - or, more accurately, that winner's caddie.

The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid can be customized in many of the same ways as a typical Escalade. A hybrid can use many aftermarket Cadillac wheels, for instance, as well as factory Cadillac wheels and replica Cadillac wheels. However, performance gains from different tires or other components may be unexpected, as the hybrid is a significantly heavier and less powerful vehicle (as mentioned above).

A new set of Cadillac wheels is a great prize for a caddy in any situation, but as the HP Byron Nelson Championship is a charity event, it's particularly noteworthy. The championship is regularly the most successful charity event on the PGA tour and according to a press release from the HP Byron Nelson Championship; it's a hotly-anticipated social event and a top sports attraction in Texas. Tickets cost $100 per day.

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Cadillac gives away 2011 Hybrid Escalade at golf tournament

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This article was published on 2011/04/12