Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

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The Smart Wheels alloy wheel refurbishment process is fast, efficient and professional. We use only the highest quality of industrial refinishing tools, materials and systems to assure that the result is consistently brilliant. Every wheel requires a different combination of techniques and processes due to the varying types of damage and wheel finishes available. In most cases, a combination of some or all of the following processes is used to bring your wheels back to life...

Whilst we undertake cosmetic repairs, where vehicle down time is critical and the level of damage is minimal, we much prefer to carry out a complete alloy wheel refurbishment, comfortable in the knowledge, that we have restored the wheel to its best possible condition.

Chemical Stripping & Shot Blasting

Tyres are removed from the wheels. Then we chemically strip and gently shot blast the wheels to remove the old paint and lacquer. This also removes any corrosion and pitting on the surface.

Repair to Damaged Surfaces

We now have a completely clean wheel and can identify the extent of the damage to the surface. The wheel is now repaired using a number of processes. Small dents, kerb damage and scuffs are repaired.

Primer & Paint Applied

A coat of powder primer is now applied over the whole wheel. This is done using the latest primer gun technology, and ensures a robust, ultra smooth base coat. Once applied, the wheels are gently heated, to ensure the powder primer can cure, and form a strong resilient coating.

Two coats of 2k paint are then applied

Lacquer & UV Curing

A final coat of powder lacquer is applied to the whole wheel, to ensure it is fully protected from the elements. This is a particularly robust coating, and makes for easy cleaning, once back in daily use. This coat is then put under infrared heat to ensure a full cure, and crystal clear finish.

The Smart Wheels Alloy Wheel Refurbishment process is one which uses the latest in high tech refinishing equipment and high quality materials.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

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This article was published on 2011/01/17